Volunteer Siding Specialists was established in 2018, founded by construction veteran Matt Noss. Matt and his trained team have decades of experience in siding and exterior renovations in the Knoxville area and across East Tennessee. Each individual on the Volunteer Siding team wants to help you achieve your project goals. You will have a crew of qualified individuals that will ensure each issue is tackled, no matter what the size. Our team has high standards, takes pride in their work, and is efficient in delivering quality services.

Owner, Matt Noss with his wife and two sons.
Matt Noss, Owner

I have been building custom forever homes since 2004, specializing in clients who want to build the home of their dreams.

Anyone can put put on some siding, but very few understand how that siding impacts the rest of your home. Siding is only one part of a multi-layer approach needed to fully protect your home for years to come. One of my areas of focus is understanding how a home functions and the critical elements that make a lasting build.

In my spare time I enjoy being on the lake with my family and doing whatever my three boys are up to at the time. Having been raised in Australia, I’m a big rugby fan and enjoy the outdoors. I’ve lived in Knoxville for 16 years.