Matt built our 4,500 sf Moss Creek designed home on a hillside west of Knoxville and it was a great experience. He was outstanding to work with and employed the best subcontractors in the area. Matt has a knack for leading you through the design & build process, considering cost tradeoffs, and helping you get to the most cost-effective solutions. We highly recommend him to anyone building their own home!

Mark U.

We had Matt replace a ~20 year old deck and add a roof over it and tie it into the house. He was easy to work with, understood our budget, and handled all of the permits and inspections. We love his exposed LARGE beam design and the deck is much safer, sturdier, and functional than what was there before. I highly recommend him and have been trying to come up with other projects I could have him do for us as well.

Christopher H.

Matt is a 5 star individual and a pleasure to work with! He has a great eye for design!

Knoxville Countertops

Building is always a stressful process, but Matt Noss was exceptional! His calm demeanor was crucial in the construction of our very unique mid-century modern inspired home. He worked well with our West Coast Architect, Robert Nebolon. Matt knows some of the best sub-contractors in the business, and they seemed to trust, and respect him implicitly, showing up on time, and delivering high-quality workmanship. While we are now in our “forever home” if we DID build again, we wouldn’t hesitate to call Matt!

Scott W.